Lady Musician of the Day: Attia Taylor

Grrrl Beat’s first music submission has arrived! This song, She’s A Mad Scientist, is by Attia Taylor from her album Short Stories & Small Glories!

Check out the rest of her album here.

Attia Taylor is on a whimsical journey towards creating a psychedelic alternative to any genre you have ever witnessed. After attending Girls Rock Philly (the summer rock camp for girls ages 9-17), Attia Taylor formed a band with her GRP classmates called Oak Oak Okay, who played a handful of shows at the Trocadero, Johnny Brenda’s, and at Philly Rollergirls. Now she has a new band that has played gigs at The North Star Bar, The M-Room, and The Fire. The Deli says, “Attia Taylor records seductive lo-fi experimental bedroom tracks with vocals and beats that should surely get remixed over and over again, which may get you dancing alone in your room or the most packed Making Time that you’ve ever been to. But for now, let’s appreciate the intimacy of her psych-pop/art pop recordings.”

Attia also has a blog called Lady Bang Beat that features independent lady musicians! Check it out!

3 Comments on “Lady Musician of the Day: Attia Taylor”

  1. Brandie says:

    Super infromatvie writing; keep it up.

  2. Bear says:

    Super jazzed about getitng that know-how.

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