Submissions Needed!

Starting today, same-sex couples are officially eligible for marriage licenses in NY! Amazing! We’ve heard the opinions of lots of adults, but I think it’s time that teenagers weigh in with their comments and opinions on the new marriage law. Be a part of history!!!! Send all submissions to Thanks!


3 Comments on “Submissions Needed!”

  1. Marilu says:

    Your article perfectly shows what I neeedd to know, thanks!

  2. Chetan says:

    Hello Krystal (Crystal I don’t know sorry) I have some suggestions for rpceies and one more thing. First things first, since i was to lazy to look them up on my own, i looked at your master list of every food mentioned. So a few things that caught my eye were the fish shaped bread from district 4 spotted with seaweed, How festive with the new finnick casting! Second Cream and rose petal soup, I’m not going to lie this is an interesting’ one, you don’t have to consider that one. Third, CINNAmon and dill bread, all pun intended. And last but not least fresh from the force field roasted nuts! One last question, can you please make a mockingjay recipe list? Thank you for reading this I’ll be listening to fireside chat!

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