Faces of Feminism

By Danielle Burch

Hello, Grrrl Beat Universe!

My name is Danielle and I write for a blog called Experimentations of Teenage Feminist. Society is stuck on a very narrow-minded image of what a feminist is “supposed” to look like, but on November 24th I’ll be publishing a special blog post titled The Faces of Feminism to show just how diverse the feminist community really is.

Please help this little experiment by sending in a picture of yourself for me to post!


  Photos can be sent to teenagefeminist@gmail.com (Deadline: November 17th)
  Please title your email “This is what a feminist looks like!”
•  If you’d like me to link your picture to anything when I post it (i.e. a blog or website), make sure to include the link in your message!

My goal is to collect at least 100 photographs by mid-November, so please tell all of your feminist friends about this project! (For pre-written messages that can be posted on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr, check out this page.)

Thank you!


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