Band of the Day: Break It Up

About the Band:

Philadelphia’s Break it Up consists of Casey Bell on skins, and axe-wielders Dan Morse and Jen Sperling. The 3 met as many happy bands do these days: online and through friends. After bonding over a shared love of vegan cheesesteakes, Kate Chopin and Dan’s English Bulldog, Break It Up started writing songs. Other influences range from the poetry and experimentation of Patti Smith, to the endearing hooks and fuzz of the Breeders, to the garages and basements where they saw their first favorite bands play. The resulting mix of melody-driven vocals and furious guitar is evident in their first single, Excavate (self-released August 2011), which captures a nostalgic quality while remaining decidedly modern.

Check out an interview with the band here.


One Comment on “Band of the Day: Break It Up”

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