Let’s Get This Straight

By Alexandra Pauly via la fille in the NYC:

Let’s get this straight: women do not dress for men. Maybe our wardrobes are sometimes swayed by the editorials in Vogue, but that has nothing to do with what men find attractive. We do not dress for men. It’s been reiterated over and over by fashion designers and girls/teens/women/grandmas alike, yet some still don’t understand. If you’re a straight male, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “if women don’t dress for us, then I’ll be damned!” or “then who do they dress for?” To put this quite simply, women dress for themselves. We wear clothes that make us feel confident.

So then this brings up the point, “why do some women dress in tight clothing if it’s not for men?” If a woman wears a “slimming” dress, it’s not because she wants guys to buy her a drink, it’s because she feels good-looking slim. And if another wears leather corsets and thigh-high boots, it’s not necessarily for the men in her life: often, women who wear so-called “provocative” clothing do so because it empowers them to express their sexuality without getting persecuted for it — the “What Men Want” columns in Cosmo have nothing to do with it.

For women, clothes are a vehicle for looking and feeling our best. We don’t need the approval of men to be happy, because there will always be a store, whether it’s Bergdorf’s or Salvation Army, in which the perfect pair of chunky-heeled lace up boots await. And that enough is the ultimate endorphin. (Also food, maybe.)


3 Comments on “Let’s Get This Straight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the quotation used in the collage is so heteronormative it makes me want to DIE ugh

  2. JooYoung Choi says:

    This generalizes that all women are straight, who are women who are attracted to other women dressing for? I don’t get this. People dress for all sorts of reasons and that is okay, even if it is to attract someone you want to start a relationship with, that’s not a bad thing and to ignore that urge is to ignore a part of the self.

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