A Love Letter to Lisa Simpson

By Becka Wall

Dear Lisa,

You are such a bad-ass. Yellow only refers to your skin-tone, not your courage. You are
the most intelligent person in the Simpson family (and perhaps even in Springfield),
an Idealist, and an avid reader. You’re ambitious, play the Saxophone, love art,
value education, stick to your principles, and you’re still a “girl” – crushing on boys and
having your first relationship in the “Simpsons Movie”. You have been called “the best and longest-running feminist character that television has had.”

You devour every book you can get your hands on, question the gender politics you
encounter, and are a legitimate complex female character – all this at only 8 years
old! And you’re not just a character for girls – the Simpsons is one of the most popular
shows among men aged 18-30. Although Bart and Homer are certainly the comic
relief; you are the heart of the show. Which is probably why I love you so much.

Blog inspired by Lisa’s impeccable taste in literature: The Lisa Simpson Book

Becka also writes for her own blog, Becka Tells All and is the creator of Couch Potatoes
with a Cause: A Feminist TV Club.


5 Comments on “A Love Letter to Lisa Simpson”

  1. ohhhmyyy says:

    Have you seen the 2012 London Olympics logo it looks like very much like Lisa Simpson being sick in a toilet. I hope she has held onto her feminist ways and not developed an eating disorder 😉

  2. […] A Love Letter to Lisa Simpson – Pretty much what it says.  Sadly contains Zombie Simpsons YouTube, happily also contains actual Simpsons YouTube.  […]

  3. mediafem says:

    This is wonderful!

    • Ebi says:

      You should ttloaly do a post about your current favorite beauty products. I don’t like a super made up look either, but I always love to know what few products people cannot live without. I’m also a huge NARS orgasm fan, especially in the multiple stick lately.

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