Drumroll please…

By Sophie Rae

Hello Grrrl Beat universe!

I know, it’s been a super super SUPER long time since the last post. With school and music and life, Grrrl Beat was forced into a bit of a hibernation period. But now at the request of some truly amazing Grrrl Beat readers and my own personal desire to see Grrrl Beat reborn, we’re back in action! I am so excited to bring it back and I will do my best to keep posts fun and frequent. BUT, Grrrl Beat can’t sustain itself—we need YOUR help. Write an article, share your artwork, ramble about a musician you love, rant about a politician you hate. Anything goes! Even if it’s just a really cute video of a talking hamster you found on youtube that you just HAVE to share with someone, please send it to grrrlbeat@gmail.com. And remember to like our facebook page and tell your friends to like it too!

OK, now that the sales pitch is over, we can get to something more interesting…

6 years later and it’s still funny!


One Comment on “Drumroll please…”

  1. gustavo fara says:

    hail !!! me llamo gustavo fara(d.n.i:24.822.915), no se como obtubiero mi mail, pero si les interesa “anarchrists” es mi grupo de “grunge-rock”,el nombre lo obtube del aforismo de una modelo-diseñadora de moda que se llama cecilia de bucourt, y que decia:..-“somos hijos de la vida, ;somos anarchrists”-..como sea, nevermind!!

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