Riot Grrrl Weekend Revisited, in Portuguese

By Sophie Rae

In the first month of Grrrl Beat’s existence, I posted an article called “Poison Girls” as a part of the Riot Grrrl Weekend series. Today, a girl from Brazil named Carla Duarte posted a translated version on her blog. Check it out here:


Drumroll please…

By Sophie Rae

Hello Grrrl Beat universe!

I know, it’s been a super super SUPER long time since the last post. With school and music and life, Grrrl Beat was forced into a bit of a hibernation period. But now at the request of some truly amazing Grrrl Beat readers and my own personal desire to see Grrrl Beat reborn, we’re back in action! I am so excited to bring it back and I will do my best to keep posts fun and frequent. BUT, Grrrl Beat can’t sustain itself—we need YOUR help. Write an article, share your artwork, ramble about a musician you love, rant about a politician you hate. Anything goes! Even if it’s just a really cute video of a talking hamster you found on youtube that you just HAVE to share with someone, please send it to And remember to like our facebook page and tell your friends to like it too!

OK, now that the sales pitch is over, we can get to something more interesting…

6 years later and it’s still funny!

Submissions Needed!

Starting today, same-sex couples are officially eligible for marriage licenses in NY! Amazing! We’ve heard the opinions of lots of adults, but I think it’s time that teenagers weigh in with their comments and opinions on the new marriage law. Be a part of history!!!! Send all submissions to Thanks!