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The Next Wave: Disruption, Transition, and a New Global Era for Women’s Advancement
Bryn Mawr College, PA
4 December 2012

The 21st century has brought major shifts in economic and political power, social structures and information flows around the world. While these disruptions have threatened the well-being of many, they have at the same time created openings for positive social and political change.

Nowhere is this twinned reality of threat and opportunity more apparent than in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls.

Join a dynamic mix of established and emerging leaders for a one-day colloquium to discuss strategies to work for women’s advancement in this moment of global shift. Speakers and audience members will explore:
– expanding sustainable economic opportunity for women post-2015
– broadening women’s participation in civic and political life
– new approaches to increasing access to education, health care, and social services
– engaging the talents of the “next wave” of emerging women activists and leaders


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