If you would like to submit articles, music, art, or anything else to Grrrl Beat, please email me at and let me know a little about yourself and what you’d be interested in posting on the site!


19 Comments on “Submit”

  1. Don Reynolds says:

    I didn’t know you followed Style Rookie! She’s great. I found a post you might like.
    Just to let you know, I’m an old dude from Indiana (mostly known for corn and some jerk that sings for Guns and Roses is from my home town here) that lived through the punk age of the 80’s listening to and playing a lot of the music you have alluded to. I also own both of your CD’s (yes, the physical CD’s) of Get Over It, and I Stole Your Animal. I have had Animal for several years and have followed your band for some time now. I love good rock and roll, and Care Bears On Fire is definitely GREAT rock and roll. I hope to one day see your band live. It’ll happen. I’ll win the lottery or something and finally have the gas money to go to a show šŸ™‚
    Peace…and this website is an awesome move…Keep it up!

    • Sophie Rae says:

      Thank you!!!

      • Welcome says:

        This weibtse makes things hella easy.

    • Alex says:

      You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it bteetr.

  2. Lucky says:

    You coludn’t pay me to ignore these posts!

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    • Havin says:

      Buvau pametus jusu adrsea Na pameciau pameciau,ramiai gyvenau. BET ATRADAU jus vel!!!!! JEEEE!!!! Dar karta didziausi komplimentai JUMS! Kiekviena irasa skaitau su pasimegavimu, nesvarbu net receptai jeigu rimtai Nes pats irasas toooks siltas, linksmas ir mielas! Ir vel negaliu atsitraukti nuo jusu blogo!!!!Aciu kad esat!!!!

  4. Amy Rose says:

    Hey it’s Amy I met you last night at McNally’s with Blake Nelson … this website is freaking awesome I love it!

    • Grrrl Beat says:

      Hey Amy! Thanks so much! -Sophie

      • Amy Rose says:

        Are you guys playing any time before the 22? I’d love to see you live

        • Grrrl Beat says:

          Yeah, we have a show on the 14th! Here’s all the info:

      • Lana says:

        Mike-Thanks for visiting and for coimentmng!I did have some technical problems with the camera. I call them Robinisms ! I blame the blond! Actually it’s my fault, i forgot to change the settings on the camera!Good point about the swirling I’ll be sure to add that info in the future. The technical term is volitizing the esthers but basically I’m allowing the scent, or bouquet to escape the glass. I’m also adding air into the wine, allowing it to oxygenate and open up a little. Wine sometimes needs air to open up, as it breaks down , the flavors come out a little. Of course, with time and air, wines break down and become flat so too much air isn’t a good thing. That’s a quick and dirty reply, but I can get more geek on it in a future post.I ran out of time to talk about other pairings, but as I said to Kirsten I included it in the text part of the post, as well as on the Syrah/Shiraz post earlier in the week.As for rushed, I do try to keep the video to a 5 min max, so I had to get in all the burger prep, cooking, discussion, as well as all of the wine info. I probably could have cut a little of the burger prep out, but since Robyn (Grill Grrrl) was so good to give me the inspiration for the burgers, I thought it was important to include it. I’m always conscious about timing, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future!I’m remiss in posting cigar and wine pairings, as well as a Guest Post for SR! So, keep coming back and see what comes up!Cheers!

      • news says:

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      • Nook says:

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  5. Victoria says:

    Hey grrrl haha:)
    I haven’t heard of your band lately, really big fan and your last youtube vid was a year ago:(
    im a musician as well and i was wondering if you would want to chat sometime, email me? šŸ™‚
    with all love,

  6. heather says:

    hey girl im heather i love your band and this site is great and i admire it. riot grrrl is a major passion of mine and your awesome for creating a site like this:)

  7. heather says:

    oh and you can email me if you would like to talk sumtime at

    • Mckenzie says:

      I came right here to be amuse, but I got just that, the only gripe is, I could convey more. Make sure you keep on poinstg. That i ask of you. Your one and within the better of enthusiastic fans. P.S. don’t stop now ok, I managed to get you stroke up for more hehe.

  8. Johnb902 says:

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